How to Prepare Your Body for a Marathon

Running a marathon is just like any endurance spot for activity, the key is preparation. This, however, is where many athletes can often make the wrong choices. Used to training for short sprints or their regular chosen sports, man athletes begin they can train in the same way and expect the results required for a marathon event. If you are planning to or considering running a marathon, however, you aren’t sure where to start with your training, Athletic Republic Humble - Training Center has put together a list of top ways to train and prepare to run a marathon.

Start With What You Are Going to Wear

Shoes are the most important aspect of your marathon training as they are literally the only thing between you and the ground. While your current sports shoes may be great for the designed purpose, baseball for grip, basketball for agility, etc., only a quality designed running shoe is going to suit your needs. Speak with your trainer or podiatrist and get the right fit to help you run the distance without injury.

Prepare Your Body to Stay Hydrated

Many athletes are used to playing their sports, then taking a break to rehydrate and recover, before getting back on the field or the court to play again. This is a great way to help your body stay active during a game, however, these breaks are what runners refer to as ‘luxuries’, especially when it comes to a marathon. Train your body o rehydrate and refuel itself as you run. Getting your body used to constant instances of water or sports drink intake without the need to hit the bathroom is going to go a long way.

Start Training Yesterday

When it comes to training for a marathon, there isn’t such as a thing as ‘too soon to start training’. Get out on the track, hit the pavement, head to the beach and start running now. While some athletes or sports professionals often feel their body is ready for anything, marathons take a lot more out of you than you could ever imagine, so the longer you have to prepare, the better you will perform. Training for a marathon is very different to training for other professional grades sports and requires purpose designed sports training programs in Atascocita. If you are gearing up for a marathon and aren’t sure what you should be doing to achieve the best results, speak with Athletic Republic Humble - Training Center at (832) 644-8276 and learn about how trainers working within a dedicated sports training center in Atascocita can help you reach the level of fitness you need to, to perform at your best.

Work Your Way Up

The biggest mistake made by athletes when beginning their training for a marathon is to attempt to run almost the entire distance on their very first day. This way of training, however, causes nothing but injury and often sees athletes miss out on the all important race day due to injuries caused on their first day of training. If you’re new to running, start small, and we mean small. A few laps of your local sports oval for 15 minutes on your treadmill is the best way to test your body’s current limits. This isn’t to say this is where your training will stay, but knowing what you can and can’t do is the best way to improve.

Watch What You Eat

In opposition to any weights training you may be doing, the idea of training for a marathon isn’t to add bulk. In fact, slimming down your mass can be a benefit to many runners, with the focus on the growth of only the core and key muscles needed to push their body across the finishing line. Stick to loading up your carbs instead of loading up your fats, and keep your meals lean and clean.

Finding a Quality Sports Training Center in Atascocita

These are just some of the great tips to help you on the right track, pardon the pun, to achieving your best for an upcoming marathon. To get the best professional advice and training to boost your potential, speak with Athletic Republic Humble - Training Center at (832) 644-8276. With the right sports training workout in Atascocita, not just running the marathon but completing it is within your grasp. Of course, the benefits of Athletic Republic Humble - Training Center aren't limited to marathon running. Speak with us about our entire suite of sports training programs to help you reach your performance goals.