As an athlete you might not think that something as yoga can do anything for you.  You might think yoga is an activity for hippies or people who are into meditating and relaxing, and you go to the gym to train. Well, many athletes out there are adding yoga to their routine and reaping it’s many benefits. It truly is a challenging practice, relaxation is just an added perk. Yoga can be just what your sports training routine needs to be complete. The repetitive movement you put your body through when you do weights can cause muscular imbalances that may lead to an injury. Doing yoga will balance that out and make you even  stronger.  Join Athletic Republic Humble in this post about the benefits of incorporating yoga to your sports training.

Improving Your Balance

Sports such as football where players have to be running around blocking and avoiding being tackled to the ground, require balance. Balance means having control and you have to be in very good control of your body, for any sport. Swimming is another example where balance is necessary, balance gives you coordination which in turn can lead to improving your swimming technique. Yoga improves you balance, which can help you prevent falls and injuries and gain control over your body.

Using Your Own Body for Strength Training

Yoga is using your whole body as your weight for weight-lifting. You work every muscle group in only one session. As you know core strength is very important to avoid back injuries, many yoga poses focus on developing your core strength. Even pros like LeBron James credit yoga for the core strength that reduces their back pain.

Gaining More Flexibility

Working on your flexibility is working on your range of motion, which by the way, increases with yoga. A greater range of motion in sports training can mean you can strengthen a specific muscle group because you can do even more movements. Flexibility allows you to do movements that a person with a small range of motion can't do. So, being more flexible can make you stronger and improve your athletic performance. If you are a swimmer, tennis player or golfer you will notice the difference in you arms' range of motion.  Not to mention, that being more flexible reduces your chances of getting injured or straining a muscle.

Yoga For Active Recovery

After all those workouts where you are constantly contracting your muscles, yoga can be the counteraction they need to elongate. Shoulders, hips, hamstrings and calf muscles are the ones that take the most abuse during training, without the proper stretching injuries are bound to occur. Use your active recovery day to take a yoga class. If you have a sports injury and you need to get back your sports training, yoga can help you get there quicker. It can help you repair muscle fibers faster, and increase blood flow to all those muscle tissues that need extra care. Athletic Republic can help you in your  sports training, if you want to know how, you can call them at (832) 644-8276. After your training or during your rest day you can head to a yoga class near to get that needed sports and meditation balance.

Taking Control of Your Own Mind With Sports Training

Looking beyond the physical benefits of adding yoga to your sports training routine, let’s talk about what you gain mentally. After a hard yoga workout comes the last pose, corpse pose (savasana), which is the part of the class where you get to lay down, close your eyes, breathe and do nothing else. Savasana is where you learn to control your mind and impulses, where you let go of everything that’s going on in your head and of all negative feelings and just concentrate in what you really want. And what is that? To be the best. Winners are the best because they’ve convinced themselves they are. Meditation is actually the hardest part of yoga, once you accomplish it your whole thought process will change in a positive way.

Endurance For Long Races

As you learn to tune in your mind and body, and gain a better control of both of them together you can concentrate into lasting longer. For endurance sports like triathlons or running that is major. You develop endurance and at same time you learn to pace yourself to last longer in the race.

Become the Best You

You want to be the best, you need to have the best. Sport training in Athletic Republic Humble will take your training where you need it to be. If you need information on their sport training programs, give them a call at: (832) 644-8276.